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작성일 : 16-04-04 11:51
umpiring related question.
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This is Subrata from Bengal Tigers.
First of all, thanks to Korean Cricket Association to give us the opportunities to play cricket in Korean peninsula.
But also opening a new web page for future Cricket activities.
Now come to the point. Could anyone please explain the umpiring proceduers in details?
Is there any specific form for applying umpire pannel? if not, it would be better to make an official form by KCA.

your best regards
Subrata Biswas.

최고관리자 16-04-04 15:43
Dear Mr. Subrata
Thank you for the asking.
Please check the post no.5.
Gurung Prem Bah… 16-04-19 15:39
답변 삭제  
I would like to volunteer as an umpire in the upcoming cricket league..
Please submit my form.
Thank you

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