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작성일 : 16-07-17 17:39
The Election of a KCA Chairman
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The Election of a KCA Chairman
* Date: 28. 08. 2016
* Location: Yeonhui Cricket Ground, 806 Bongsu-daero Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea
* Make sure you bring identification with you: ID card, Driving License, Passport or ARC available: photo should be included

Candidates of KCA Chairman(Submission closed)

Name: Kim Seung Chul
Date of Birth: 02. 06. 1951
Position: the former KCA Chairman

Name: Nasir Khan
Date of Birth: 03. 06. 1969
Position: the Head Coach of Korean Women's National Team

 * Korea Olympic Committee does not allow the same individual to serve three consecutive terms as Chair. Candidate Kim Seung Chul, the former KCA Chairman is not permitted to be an exception, but can re-apply. After the final outcome, Final candidate list will be confirmed.

* Open period of the Elector's list is closed and confirmed on 15. 07. 2016.
Electors will be notified individually.

KCA Chairman Election Committee


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